Wednesday, July 30, 2003

July 30, 2003

Howdy folks!

New pics have been posted! Check out the new Hawaii and Graduation pictures as well as some new pictures in the Notes Form the Underground album.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

July 22, 2003

We're back from Hawaii! We had a great time swimming, snorkeling, walking, eating, drinking, etc. Waikiki and Maui are very different from each other but they're great in their own way. It was no Bora Bora but it was still great to be in a tropical island and enjoy the weather away from Los Angeles’ hot and stifling weather.

We will be posting pictures from our vacation so check back, y’hear?

Notes from the Underground (NFU) got together for a practice session recently and we’ were surprised at how well we still played! I think the less we practice, the better we become! Speaking of NFU, we’re working on another gig in Carlsbad. We packed the house (there were lines outside to get in!) the last time we played there back in November. I’ll post the details as we confirm the date and time.

That’s all for now.

June 30, 2003

Well, now that Grad school is over for me, it's time to have a little fun. Aylin and I will be visitng Hawaii for about a week. Maui and Waikiki Beach, baby! I'll post some pics after we come back. We've both been looking for some time off.

In other news, NFU had it's first practice in a long time last Sunday. We sounded pretty good considering the long layoff, if I may say so myself! We're planning a gig or two in the future -- stay tuned for that.

Talk to you soon!

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